An International Journal for Promoting Integrated Management of Innovation and Supply Chain.

Innovation and Supply Chain Management
ISSN: 2187-8684 (Online edition), 2187-0969 (Print edition)

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Japan's March 11 in 2011 has revealed the significance of supply chain management in the institutional system and endorsed our timely endeavor in the Institutional Supply Chain Management (ISCM). ISCM endeavor was initiated in 2005 inspired by Tokyo Insituite of Technology's ambitious project, SIMOT (Science of Institutional Management of Technology, 2004-2009) under the support of MEXT's (Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology) 21st century COE Program. This insitutional inertia has urged us to decide to further develop ISCM endevor by launching a really interdisciplinary international journal responsible for the interface between engineering and management, "Innovation and Supply Chain Management" (also ISCM). New ISCM attempts to encompass such broad aspects of the subjects such as R&D, manufacturing, and production in general in whole cycle of supply chain in the institutional system. We are confident that this journal could be a timely compass in the current chartless society.


  • The Journal, Innovation and Supply Chain Management, focuses on topics treating the interface between engineering and management. All aspects of the subject in relation to R&D, manufacturing, as well as production in general are covered. The journal is interdisciplinary in nature, considering whole cycles of activities, such as the product life cycle research, design, development, test, launch, disposal and the material flow cycle, procurement, production, and distribution. The ultimate objective of the journal is to disseminate knowledge for improving industrial practice and to strengthen the theoretical base necessary for supporting sound decision making. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the presentation of new developments in theory and application, wherever engineering and technology meet the managerial and economic environment in which industry operates. In character, the journal combines the high standards of a traditional academic approach with the practical value of industrial applications. Articles accepted need to be based on rigorous sound theory and contain an essential novel scientific or industrial contribution. Tracing innovation and supply chain management consequences in the analysis of the problem and solution reported, belongs to the central theme of the journal. Submissions should strictly follow the Guide for Authors of the journal.


Researchers, managers and engineers for, R&D, Procurement, Production, Logistics, Marketing, and Project management.


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